After hearing Governor Cuomo’s Press Conference today we are complying with his mandate regarding the closure of all non-essential businesses in NYS.

Effective Friday March 20th at 12pm we will be temporarily closing @fifisalbany until the mandate has been lifted. If you would like to place an order online to support us, or purchase a gift certificate online, we thank you in advance.
Please note all orders placed online will be shipped at a later date. Thank you in advance for understanding and being the amazing supportive clients that you are.
We hope you and your loved ones are doing well and we pray to God none of you will be affected by this. This is a tragedy all around and we know that many of you are out of work, face losing your jobs, businesses, are worried about the health and safety of your partners, children, parents, siblings. We here @fifisalbany are also worried with you and for you. 
I am now the sole caretaker of Jack, while my husband is off to work as his job is considered essential. We are also high risk for getting sick with COVID-19. So that being said I will be taking time off of work as I am now homeschooling him, like many of you are doing for your children, while schools are out. 
Jack would like to type a message to you now... 
i hope this coronavirus is over and i hope they figure out the coronvirus and stop it so we can be free .thank you. all of you
I am going dark for the time being and will not be responding to phone calls, texts or emails until a later time. Please understand this is a very difficult time for me as I don't know what the future will hold, in many respects, as do most of you. This store is not only my livelihood, but is my heart and soul and it is breaking.
See you all on the flip side, may we all come out unscathed. 
Genn Shaughnessy